Pet Health Certificates in Framingham, MA

Get USDA-accredited pet health certificates for travel at Slade Veterinary Hospital, Framingham, MA. Our expert assistance will have you and your companion set for your adventure.

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Pet Health Certificates

Here at Slade Veterinary Hospital, our USDA accredited veterinarians can issue domestic and international travel health certificates for dogs and cats. Please speak to Cindy Mitchell, our health certificate facilitator to learn how we can help your pet travel safely.

Please note that international health certificates require extensive preparation and will require a minimum of 10 days to complete. For some countries, the preparation can be several months and visits. Further, there are new regulations for re-entry into the United States as of August 1, 2024. Please contact us as soon as you are thinking about travel to allow us to guide you on the appropriate timeline.

To streamline the process, click here to access the health certificate preparation form. You may email or fax these to us and we can help you schedule an appointment accordingly. The final appointment allows us to examine your pet and to ensure all documents are in order prior to upcoming travel.