AAHA Accreditation

Slade Veterinary Hospital is proud to be accredited by The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for over 30 years!

AAHA logo with a motivational quote

What It Means and Why It Matters

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) was founded in 1933 and remains the only organization to accredit companion animal veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada. Nearly 60% of pet owners believe their veterinary hospital is accredited when it is not. In actuality, only 12-15% of veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada are accredited by AAHA. Unlike human hospitals, not all animal hospitals are required to be accredited.

What does accreditation mean? It means that we voluntarily hold ourselves to a higher standard and that your pet is receiving care at a hospital that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care. AAHA sends consultants to AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals every three years to evaluate and rate us on over 900 standards of veterinary care, which include health services as well as client satisfaction and communication. Since earning AAHA certification in 1985, we are proud to be part of an elite group of veterinary professionals who meet and exceed the expectations of AAHA’s criteria. Seeing the AAHA logo is the only way for you to know on paper that a veterinary practice is operating at the highest standards of excellence — you’ll feel it when you walk in our front door!